The day I woke up


This is the day I woke up

The day I decided to smell the roses for what they were…

Not a sense of pollen or the sweetness of a petal

But the stench that stood out from the flower picked in the past and left to dry and rot…

I woke up

I woke up to the pain that was once rooted in love, only to be pulled out of the ground

I woke up to the rain that drips from the petals (tears) and falls, drying up with no trace

I woke up

Finally, my past petals have shriveled up and biodegraded into the earth…

The earth that recycles the pains and makes them into something new…

I woke up

I woke up to a new heart…a new mind…a new ME.

I’m awake…I’m alert…I’m GOD’S mistake made into a miracle.

I’m God’s masterpiece waiting to be shown to the world…

I awake!

I woke up to a whole new world that I never seen before…So this is what life is…

I’m growing again…I’m a late bloomer in this thing we call LIFE…and that’s okay…because…

I’m awake! I can see! I can BE….ME.

Kenya Perkins (Editor)

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