Playwright Ty Martin


TY Martin- Playwright of Atlanta, Georgia from Cleveland Ohio making plays to encourage others never to give up and to keep God in all things.

7 Grammy Award winning playwright tells us how he found God and what God has done with Him thus far…. Simple, yet POWERFUL.

How were you introduced to God?

TY: “I was quiet teen and was also had comedian tendencies….my mother would have me come out and dance for her friends when I was leader growing up.

When did God speak to you and confirm to you this is your gift?

TY:  “I’ve always had a relationship with God. I could hear Him. He showed me how my work would impact other people. This is how he showed me my gift in what I do and to help people see their vision.”

Tell us what is your most MEMORABLE play, that you know will never get old after being showed over and over again”

TY:  “Lord Why Me” which is a play about domestic violence, that’s won 2 awards already.

Since then, how has God kept playing a role in your environment?

TY: “The productions want and need my productions. As they are needed, God gives me more answers and closures and strength”

When you hear religion what comes to mind?

TY: “One Lord, one Faith and one Baptism”



Why do the youth lose Faith in God?

TY: “The media and society given them more hope and its false hope. It’s easier to receive false hope then real hope. It’s different”.

What are other avenues to benefit the youth?

TY: “There is value in the parents, not just the church”

If not through lineage how would you introduce them to God?

TY: “Through my experiences”

If you could have one power Jesus, what would it be?”

TY: “The power to forgive.”


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