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Sandeep Sandy and Children

By: Kenya Perkins

Sandeep Sandy grew up in a small Christian family. After Sandeep completed school, he left to city to work to help support his family. In time there was un-satisfaction in his heart. When praying in Isaiah 61:1 it came to him. After this it was put on his heart to pray for seven fasting days, he then quit his job and moved back home to begin sharing the love of Christ with the down trodden people. Then in October 2012 Reach the Feeble Ministries was established.

He traveled to the villages and helped other pastors since then how to teach others. He’s currently over 60 pastors in Tenali, India. Sandeep says the pastors that he works with are very much faithful and humble and he is blessed to be with them. The congregations are 20- 30 people. The Sunday offerings are $1-$2 usually. The people in the churches there are hard workers, that are very poor. They work for 8 hours and are paid only $1.  The Hindu people in India are rich, and make the Christian people work as slaves in hard long labor for very little money.

So can you imagine working for 8 hours…and knowing you’ll only receive $1 for that labor? Just for being Christian and not Hindu? This is what they go through in India. The population of Christians in India is 3% which is very little.


Hindu (dominate religion) Considered the higher cast….worship idols cast

6% Muslims

3% Christians

In India Christians are called untouchable, meaning they should be under other religions feet; beneath them. In India it’s a different concept meaning Christians are unworthy and not looked upon as worthy….in the US it’s completely different.


How did you find Christ?

He heard from him by himself. He was educated so he could live great life , but used his education to help him….he is with his parents to help him teach the word of God.

What appeals to you the most in your ministries?

He has the churches preaching and going to village by village and hopefully the surrounding areas.

What are the specific and regular practices that you guys do?

We have Sunday Service for Sunday school, Friday women prayer, Saturday we have fasting prayer…then every month first Fridays we have the whole all night prayer….

He does believe in speaking in tongues…

Who are your favorite Christian theologian writers?

John Wesley

What is true biblical faith to you?

It is relaying on God and praying to him and our perfect answers…and I truly believe in faith.

What is your interpretation on the biblical teaching on hell?

We should be like him and close to him because there are many things that come into our mind telling us “don’t do that, don’t do this” but we should be full and firm in our world, so we can make ourselves be perfect in him.

How do you feel about the bible on spiritual gifts? On prophecy, teaching ect…

I believe in prophecy and we have witnessed the prophecies in these days as well. As far as others gifts, I feel that God has given me is preaching and training the pastors, strengthening them in the word and to look out for the widows and lepers and orphans in India.

Have you experienced any supernatural miracles while preaching?

Yes. I have seen a woman about 75 years old. A guy called him and took me to their home. She had broken back and was not able to sit, stand or walk. When he got there, he prayed for immediate healing. He knew that Jesus had taken stripes for us and firmly believed this. He believed by his stripes we are healed. She then slowly was able to get up and get healed. Then he relieved a good report and the whole family was saved.

If you could have one power that Jesus had what would it be and why?

“The power is healing I would want.”

Can you describe Jesus in one word?


Do you feel that church is necessary for youth?

“There is no other way. I think we should go to church. If God wants to speak to you, I think you need to be faithful and tithe. I think every Sunday.”

They have 80 widows within the churches….they are treated like bad luck. If a widow comes across them, some will leave and quit their jobs. They can’t attend anything because they’re considered bad luck or if they touch them…but the ministries help them. They have no homes, they are on the roads on the streets and they feed and let them stay in the churches. Anything like $10 will help support them. Their conditions are bad. The greatest job is to work for him. God provides.

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