Pastor Marcus Gill-Social Media Savior?


By: Kenya Perkins

“Whether you go to church or not, I want to reach everybody”– Pastor Marcus Gill

Marcus Gill, a man passionate about his craft and love for God has captured the hearts of many. A social media sensation in ministry to say the least, with a funny, and hint of sarcasm in personality, one can’t help but be moved by his words and compassion for what he does for the people. He has millions that have watched and love his messages and he has taken social media by storm. It isn’t just behind a computer though where you can find him sharing inspirational messages, but in the church as well.

Marcus Gill was born into a family of pastors. His grandfather, dad, and aunts were all involved in the church. Marcus started serving in the church at the age of 8 in Germany, where his father was stationed. He also played music in the church at a young age. By the age of 17 he already had 5 years experience. In his 3rd year in college, Marcus accepted the call by God to go out and preach the gospel. In September of 2007 he did his first sermon. He is the lead Pastor at Rush Crusade Ministries in Connecticut.

I was honored to be able to interview him for this V.O.C Magazine exclusive on his beginnings as a minister and his overall thoughts on what God has done for him. Not to mention our VOCMAG exclusive questions…because hey, everyone has had some pretty interesting answers in past interviews. You just never know what one will come up with, and Marcus Gill is one that has some interesting answers all with validity though. Marcus Gill. A true S.A.I.N.T in our eyes…”Saving All Individuals Need truth”. Here are some of the questions VOCMAG got to ask Marcus on his endeavors  as a Pastor, his thoughts on religion, being single, as well as the social media scene.

How do you feel about religion and people in the churches and when you hear religion?

“I don’t like the word religion and I don’t like the word church. I think that religion and church can be used as a way of helping people but I like Jesus and I like relationship. I teach relationship over religion and denominations.I don’t teach of doctrine but more on inspiration and worship. Religion to me is manmade. Religion is mans way or managing mankind’s relationship with God” (Ooooh I gotta write this down, your pullin things out of me! , lol!).

How many members are at your church?

“We have about 65 members. Our grand opening was in New haven CT in April, 2015. This is a population where only 11% go to church”.

Why do you think the youth lose faith and don’t know God do you feel church is a necessary asset for youth to grow closer to God? Are there other avenues.

“I absolutely believe that young people need fellowship. I wouldn’t say they need church, but fellowship. I can have a bunch of young people that will never go to church on a Sunday, and if I say we’re going to meet every Tuesday and Thursday at a park, or a bowling alley and were going to read the Bible, and bowl afterwards (as an example) they can grow up in Christ the same way a person can grow up in Christ in a church. Between the ages of 13-19 I think it’s about the fellowship. Church is good and it helps if it’s the right church, but I’ve seen youth saved outside the church too.I would encourage young people to turn to the Lord. The world has nothing to offer them, temporary entertainment, but God has an ETERNAL love for them, which goes beyond temporary entertainment. If JZ goes out on stage you’re going to enjoy that show for 3 hours, but what happens after the 3 hours is up? With God, you can be in his presence for 3 hours and that same presence will carry you all month long and will help you become a better person.

If you could have one power that Jesus had what would it be and why?

“Walk on water…because in NY you have to pay tolls for crossing bridges. If I just walk I won’t have to pay a fare.And to pull a fish out of water and pull money out of the fish’s mouth to pay bills…now that would be amazing. Oh! And to float straight to heaven without dying”….I SAID ONE POWER, BUT WE’LL LET HIM SLIDE ON THIS ONE 🙂

“He’s so amazing it’s hard. But seriously, I would love to be able to live life knowing the will of God for my life without questioning it and being able to perform it with no fault. To live mistake free.”

Describe Jesus in one word:


If there was one character in Bible that you relate to who would it be and why?:

“David. The one that was in the yard doing the dirty work and his brothers (haters) tried to do him in. The reason why is because I was never chosen and people always looked over me. Most of the hurt that I went through in relationships is because of the hurt that I experienced as a child when I was younger. I wanted to fit in so much and it never happened. You got 30 people outside and we’re getting ready to play basketball on the courts and everyone is like “I got him, I got him, I got him…I got her. I got her. I got her….Okay Marcus, you just get on with me”. I’m thinking “Ok, yeah ya’ll couldn’t even pick me before the girls?” Even being a musician in church I got the “Scoot over, you’re not going to play today, or even the you’re too young”. I’ve always been openly ambitious, but kicked to the curve”. Always thrown to the pit. Then the year in high school, I was the only one that cut for the football team. The only one that got cut from the team which hurt my feelings bad. The team that I did make it was the track team and the only reason I made the team, is because they didn’t have anyone to throw shot-put. So I was the only one to throw shot-put and lost every match”.

Have you ever had any supernatural experiences?

“I have them everyday…meaning anything that goes byond….so I have them everyday. When I dream they are all spiritual. I dreamed I died in my sleep and then ci couldn’t wake up which was really weird. One time I was around a group of guys smoking weed and when I prayed for them all their blunts went out the same time”.

What made you want to turn to social media ministry? MArcus Gill quote pic

“I don’t really recall. But I do remember seeing comedians on social media posting their pictures with the words that came to them, which was popular, so I got the idea of posting my pictures with the words of God, as if I were saying them. This was to inspire and encourage people, and it was working and people started sharing, which helped get the word out. One particular post on favor and it had like 40,000 shares. Then it builds up from there. Hopefully by the end of the year I can reach a million people”

Tell us about your book “Single God Life”  Marcus Gill Book

“Single God Life is a book about relationships with means in the book, which are quotes. It’s about being able to get your own rhythm in life and being able to march to your own drum and enjoy being single. I also tell people, you don’t want to be with the wrong partner in life either”

Are you currently single because women will want to know?

“I do not want to be single at all and I don’t encourage singleness. I want to get married and hopefully soon. I do know who I’m going to marry and have a love interest. I say I’m currently single because I’m not married just yet”.

Is it okay for a woman to pursue a man in today’s age?

“A woman’s pursuit should be a silent pursuit. So when you see a nice young man that you like, don’t just approach him and give your #, but go and be seen. Go out and look nice and be seen. Go to a poetry night, coffee shop ect…”

What do you like to do for fun?

“I like traveling. I like to pick a place to go and go there. I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. I love changes of scenery. I also like to fly.”

What is your favorite bible verse that you go by?

“Ephesians 3:20. “Now who is to do exceedingly and above all things….”

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  1. Sabrina Doctor

    Pastor Marcus Gill
    Your messages are very uplifting & inspirational. ..
    I am trusting & believing in a financial break through with blessings of buying my first home at 60 years of age.
    Sister in Christ,
    Sabrina Doctor


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