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Douglas Perkins and wife JoCarmel Perkins

Douglas Perkins and wife JoCarmel Perkins

By: Kenya Perkins

Here is a man that was led to God by God (if this makes any sense). Minister Douglas Perkins is a man that has always been after God’s heart. Here is his powerful, inspirational story that shows that your plans may not always be in God’s plan. We are chosen and God wants to use us as his vessel.

At the age of 8, Douglas Perkins was introduced to God. He went to prayer services with grandmother. He had seen a reality what they believed in. In early teens, he grew more in going to church. His Mother required them to read a chapter a day in the Bible in his teens, by doing this Douglas had more exposure to the word. This got him more interested. At one point he wanted to be a history teacher and he then found out in this that there was history in the Bible, which was parallel to what he wanted to do.

At the age of 18 he went to Bible studies more and coupled that with history. Near his graduation/ college he went to Oral Roberts in Oklahoma, not a Christian yet and left to the military. He was going to go to the UofA or UCLA (dad was a professor there) instead went to Bible seminary. Always wanted to be a Christian but goal was to be lawyer. He went to seminary in Washington…after he graduated from seminary he went to military.

In 1988 when he went to Paris….he was fed up with life. He made sergeant at a young age. He had traveled all over the U.S. at this point in his life, but yet he still had a void in his life. Something was missing and Douglas felt this. When he came home back to US from a 30day and on his way to the base to become Sergeant on way to LAX…he told God if you save me Ill serve you….it wasn’t in a Bible Study or in a church…he took his earring out his ear ect…and he gave his life to Christ.

Douglas was one that would debate with you…if you talked religion to him would be a mistake, he would make you mad…Mind you he wanted t become a lawyer so he would debate why the sky was blue with you. Religion was one that he wouldn’t mind debating on.

God knew what he needed to do to deal with him. Bottom line here: If God wants to deal with you in a bathroom stall, he will.

In North Carolina when he was stationed there, he began attending church. He also had fiery trials too but God seen him through it all. He liked the military and it had its offers “You go to college you can also become a chaplain there” But that wasn’t Douglas’ calling. He submitted to go to the Uof A at this time, so he had a reason not to attend seminary.

One day though, as he was running in the military while he was with military…he said God said “You said, if I save you, you’d serve me” So right then and there he got out of the military and went to serve the Lord. Before he had so many excuses as to why he didn’t want to become a minister. But God had other plans and Douglas listened to the call. This was the beginning of his ministry journey.

Agape Community Christian Church is where he ministers at currently in San Bernardino California. He was a part of an organization called “New Testament Christian Churches of America” for 22 years and about four years ago he separated from them.

Here were a few of our exclusive questions that VOCMAG asked Douglas?

How do you feel about religion and people in the churches today? What comes to mind in the word Religion?

“I use the word religion in conversation, because commonly that’s what’s known. I believe that in reality we are to seek for, desire religion because we eat breakfast religiously, we do various things religiously. People have a tendency to say “I’m a religious man” VS. “I have a reality in God”. The reason I say that is because Jesus said “Know the TRUTH and the truth will set you free” and a lot of people know about the truth. And I say this from my own experiences. I read the Bible, and exposed to the prayer meetings, I was a Christian; I was exposed to the Bible. So I can say that I was RELIGIOUS, but when I became a born again Christian, I gained a REALITY. To know is to have “more intimate relationship” with Christ. So he knew him and grew to know more about him.

He doesn’t knock the word religion but it means nothing to him, because he’s seen very good Baptist, very good Pentecostal, very good apostolic…I didn’t see the individuals and their denominational backgrounds’, but I seen their hearts.

There’s enough in the Bible to get us by now in order to live right. In his relationship Douglas has found enough.

“The Bible has changed me and continued to change me”

“It’s about us changing and becoming more like Christ/God.”

“My desire is to show you Christ”

Why do you think that the youth lose faith in God today?

One example is when older people mid 40s and up…some has come to God at later age and try to preach to them rather than show them examples….

Do you feel church is a necessary asset in order to go to God, other avenues?

“Yes, whatever it takes to get them exposed to God. They have to make their own decisions, but I feel my position is anything that will not go against my personal convictions, I want to get the youth exposed to God. I say this because, my experiences I never forgot as a Christian, we are to plant the seed like the apostle Paul said 1 Corinthians Chapter 3”.

We can plant a seed but it won’t grow over night, but if someone keeps watering it. The one who plants it may never see it, but they did God’s will. Then others water it—Say through a bible study, or talking to them when they were down. They water the seed that’s been planted, and then God shines his light on that seed so that it grows.

If you could have one power that Jesus has what would it be and why?

“To be able to understand….so discernment” In discernment, it opens the door for compassion just because one person came from another walk of life, it’s easy for one not to want to reach out to them or understands a certain lifestyle, whether negative or positive…whether a drug addict or someone that went to Ivy League School, so you might think they already have everything, so I think now I can communicate with you, so now I can show you Jesus”.

Can you describe Jesus in one word?


If you could compare yourself to one person in the Bible who would It be and why?

“I would say James, the half brother of Jesus, who wrote the book of James. I say this because, in the book of James they have called him a straight shooter and many have told me I’m a straight shooter. They refer this too me telling it like it is but at the same time in Eph chpt4 “You speak the truth in love”.

“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who wins souls is wise.” Proverbs 11:30 

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  1. patrick usifo

    Interesting and inspiring.our God knows all about us and his plan for our life is just perfect .Thank you Pastor Perkins


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