J.D. Hill -Overcoming Obstacles


By: Kenya Perkins

If you’re looking for one soul that has stood the test of time on earth, it’s this man, Mr. J.D. Hill. He is a man of honor. Once that has overcome adversity and been chosen by God. Everyone has a story to tell to inspire others and his is one of them. Mr. Hill is a retired All American NFL Wide Receiver, who played for the Buffalo Bills as well as the Detroit Lions for seven seasons. He is also an Arizona State University Alumni. J.D. Hill has acquired the fire and overcame what many would call it quits too. Of course on the football field Mr. Hill was a BEAST and made quite a name for him, but we won’t boast on what he did on the field, but boast on what God did AFTER he stopped playing.

Time took its toll and J.D. Hill found himself in the mean streets of California as a drug addict that who seemed to have lost it all. His family kept them in their prayers along with friends and didn’t give up on him…and either did God. This had gone on for many years at one point a friend found him in a crack house and rescued him. From there he went on to the Dream Center in California where they helped restore him back to life.

I met this man in 2013 and went to the Dream Center in Phoenix, AZ where he teaches mid week to the men who are recovering drug addicts as well as some who were released from Prison. You name it many in the center that stood up to introduce who they were, or speak had previously been in for many offenses, including murder! And here they were in this class, ready to be taught the word of God.

Mr. Hill is one that has the exuberance of one you don’t want to mess with by no means. But he teaches in love; Tough love that is. A radical as I would call it and there is nothing wrong with that. I call him uncle as when I first met him, he told me “Now, I’m Uncle Hill to you”. He is such a man with a great soul with a protective nature over all that he encounters.

After I sat in on his Bible study with the other men, I got to interview him exclusively for after I watched his touching story, I knew he was a “Voice of Change”. When I hear the many answers of my special questions, it makes me enjoy more and more what I do. I learn from so many individuals and I feel that God speaks through us all, including Mr. Hill.

Here is what Mr. Hill shared during the interview on his view on God in his life:

If you could relate to one character in the Bible who would it be and why?

“ I would say David because one, he was a leader, he was passionate and he had a call on his life, yet he constantly strayed. And even though he strayed he knew to ask for forgiveness and God acknowledged his heart for him and he was a mighty warrior.”


When you hear the name Jesus what’s the first thing that comes to mind, in one word:


When hear the word religion and people in the church today, what comes to mind when you hear the word religion?

“Religion is so broad….but I believe in spirituality. I base my relationship with the lord on , is my spiritual on my spiritual person, my spiritual being”.

How much has God had a hand in your success?

“Totally…all my success is based on the Lord. I couldn’t even be successful if it wasn’t for the Lord. He orchestrates all things and I have gotten through because of the Lord. “

Why do you think the youth lose faith and don’t know God?

“I think they lose faith because we as a church, are not active in marketing. Our kids are caught up in marketing. They’re fluffing it up. We have to compete with the world. And so we as a body have to become more appealing to the youth. Time have changed including in music and I don’t think Christ is boring and dull.”

Do you think there are other avenues in which youth can be introduced to gd. Is church a necessary asset for youth?

“Of course. There’s outreaches, youth events…there’s a number of assets that could be directed to Jesus. One way is to share the gospel through Christ.

If you could have one power that Jesus had what would it be and why?

“Deliverance and Healing because they go hand in hand”.

I also believe that we have to get in the fight against under aged drinking and drug use and to talk to our children on the harmful effects of this. We can preach Jesus but we are in a world where we need to be prepared as a body to focus on those things and taking things for granted.

In the church we still need to be told to be aware of these things, not just if you go to church things will be okay ect..Issues too such as pre-marital sex and what can take place if you do things like that. I believe to be more active. It’s the application of learning. We need to also hold more of our youth accountable. Youth wants to be taught and loved and to know that they’re loved. God has given us the ability to draw to our children and minister to them in many ways.

You can see more of J.D. Hill’s Story on CBN- http://www.cbn.com/tv/1407014261001

Visit his website at www.jdhill.org with his organization information “Catch the Vision” and be blessed!