Relationship vs. Religion

Community youth young male

What is your relationship with your family and friends around you? Are they easy to talk to and get along with? What about rough times or secrets that only you and your close friends and family hold?

The relationships that you have developed with loved ones around you, is the same relationship God wants with you. He wants you to have that same intimate relationship with Him.

I’m pretty sure when you’re sharing your dreams or disasters with the people around you, they don’t have rules or even guidelines as to how you communicate, or else you wouldn’t be comfortable communicating with them. And even in your DEEPEST conversations, they may not know ALL about you.

With Jesus, there are no regulations, or limits. And even better, he knows ALL about you, even your private thoughts, and he STILL loves you the same. I’m pretty sure if many people knew how you FULLY felt on some issues, they may run the other way, but Jesus can help you to the core with many personal issues that you may have and are just not comfortable sharing with those around you.

There is a powerful quote that reads, “Religion sets rules and Jesus sets free.”  Just as you’re free to share your thoughts with everyday people that can be “here today and gone tomorrow,” your friend Jesus Christ is ALWAYS in your presence ready to hear you in any time of need. He is the antidote to your pain, and the power to your passions.

Once you tap into this concept, you will begin to see what a true relationship in Christ is.

When we enter into a world of religion, it’s difficult to build a genuine relationship, because each religion has their own specifications and guidelines which can hinder or discourage you from fully opening up.

We hope to reach the masses with having a genuine, from the heart relationship with God. He will not look at you different. He will love you the same as yesterday and today. The more you are able to share with God, the closer you will feel to Him.

God says “Draw close to me, and I’ll draw close to you” (James 4:8) This is a fulfilling relationship.


Kenya Perkins