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Know Your Worth!

Money comes and goes. You see it in the videos, it bought the girl, it bought the flashy cars, but in the end was it truly satisfying?

The bible says that what is, will eventually pass away (Eclis.3:1-10) and in Proverbs it says money is the root of all evil Proverbs 13:8 and 1 Tim 6:10) we are not here to covet (yearn or posses) money, but to yearn for God and he will provide our needs.

Money can make you do some crazy & irrational things. Money can also attract irrational people. What once made that love of yours happy and fulfilled…now that the paper is gone, so are they? What happened to true commitment?

Bottom line: You need to know your worth without money. Just like that $100 that is crumbled up on the ground, it’s still $100. Its worth still lies. Money does not make or define you as a person, God does. And if you don’t feel that way, maybe you need to look in your check book (BIBLE) and write off that low self esteem. Then go into the bank (Your Heart) and deposit some courage and confidence, that doesn’t come with a price, or can be withdrawn. Know your worth and keep JESUS in mind.

Kenya Perkins