Hanna Lulgjuraj Murray- She lived to Tell

Hanna lived to tell it….this is a story that is proof that God is real and he does exists.


I wrote a book Lived to Tell It about 5 years ago and want to start this facility “Angel of Mercy” which is a shelter of Hope for women and children as well as their pets. Currently I’m raising money for whatever we find to build a building from the ground up. Everything is from the heart for me. Hanna was a victim of domestic violence in which her ex-husband attempted to take her life shooting her…but she lived. She graciously took the time to interview with me and I urge you to get her book and be inspired.

How has God had a role in what you’re doing today?

Hanna:” Without God, I wouldn’t even be here right now. I’m a true believer and spiritual as well. I know that the good Lord saved my life and as I look back I know he has saved me many different times. He has opened my eyes and is my absolute Savior, especially dealing with my first husband. Everything that happens in life I truly believe that it’s meant to happen, I don’t believe in coincidences or that we’re in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

“It was the Lord that saved me, it was Him that gave me the thought of helping others, and every breath I take every step I take it’s all Him being with me inside my heart, inside my soul and I wouldn’t have a sense of direction if it wasn’t for Him leading. I owe Him everything throughout this journey, from when He bought me into this earth and until I go back home to Him”.

During your book Lived To Tell It, when you went through that situation with your first husband, did you have God in your life, and what was going through your mind in those last moments, when he attempted to take your life?

Hanna: “The book is called Lived to Tell It…because I lived to tell it. I always had God in my life, and always said my prayers. I believe that I’m more religious today than I was back then, and not because I wasn’t aware of him, but as you grow older you learn things more and have a better perspective of things. When that incident was coming about, “the moment” as I call it, I just KNEW that I’d be okay.

“Never fail to believe in a woman’s intuition. We’re very powerful that way and I knew that at that last moment, before he pulled the trigger, if I am safe or if that’s my time to go (because I do believe we have a birthdate and a death date), I was okay with it. I was ready for whatever came my way then and til’ this day, I live like it’s my time to do things and however much more time I have left, I know that I’m going to fulfill everything that the Lord wants me to fulfill before it’s time for me to leave. I always believed that I’d be okay then, and now and forever”.

When your husband pulled the trigger, were any of the kids around at the time?

Hanna: “Our oldest daughter was two and I had just given birth to our younger daughter. The youngest was a newborn at the time, about 6 weeks old and she was in her crib, in the room where the incident took place. And the oldest was in the living room watching T.V. having a snack, which after all transpired, I did feel her hand on me. And her stroking my hair and calling out to me. I couldn’t really understand her, but knew she was there.

How did you get help?

Hanna: “Oddly enough, he called the police. He called the ambulance. He thought I was dead. When he called he said “There’s been a shooting in my house”. I think his story was going to be, he came in, found me on the floor dead with no word of what happened”.


Hanna:” When the fire department came, they expected to find a person dead. When the fireman was working on me, he had noticed I had a pulse and was still breathing. At the time, they had my ex-husband outside questioning him and they called out that I was still alive. But then my ex husband reached out the gun from his pocket and said, “I shot her by accident”.

How was life growing up for you? Did you grow up in an abusive home and maybe it was passed down?

Hanna: “When I was a tiny little tot, my grandmother taught me how to say my prayers and what to say. So I was always introduced to God, from day one. I was very religious, went to church every Sunday and was very Catholic. I never saw abuse in my home, my father was good to my mother. I never even remember seeing abuse, not even on T.V. My ex husband though was always in an abusive household. I met him in church too ironically. And not to spoil the book, but I had an arranged marriage. It was very old fashioned. I’m originally from Yugoslavia. The incident though took place in Michigan. We were all born in Yugoslavia but this incident took place in America.”

When you hear the word religion what comes to mind?

Hanna: “Jesus, faith, love, family”

HANNA Lived to tell

Why do you think the youth lose faith and they don’t know God?

Hanna: “Obviously it’s not taught to them at home. I don’t really think they’ll find it in the streets and it all starts with the parents in the very beginning introducing our kids to God. You have to believe in something. You can’t just walk around in this world lost. You have to have faith in something and whatever that is, comes from God.

What do you think are other avenues for youth if they’ve never been introduced to God or never been in a church?

Hanna: “Well God is everywhere. Everything around you is God, he is in you and around you. Not everyone is church going. Yes I’m very religious but do I attend church every Sunday? No I do not. Do I talk to God? Do I pray to Him? Yes, I make God in everything I do. I think it’s important that even if the youth don’t go to church, there is someone around you that has a belief in God. I’m not one to push religion on anyone, but if the conversation comes up and a person is lost, without pushing religion I would slowly talk about my faith, talk about how God has saved me, what God has done for me and because of Him I got through every obstacle in my life because of God’s help. It’s all about talking to our youth. It doesn’t have to be in church. I think it’s very sad too that our schools are losing touch with God more. I remember when I was in school, we would say the pledge of allegiance every morning and that the first thanks we gave, we prayed. We reached God first thing in the morning in our schools. Today? If you say that word you could possibly get expelled”.

“I say stay strong in your beliefs, don’t let anyone sway your decisions in any way, shape or form. If you believe in God or don’t believe in God all I can do is pray for you. I would just know that your a lost soul and that God will one day reach you and help you see the light. So all I could do is pray for you at that point”.

If you could have one power that Jesus had, what would it be and why?

Hanna:” I guess it would be to teach everyone Jesus’s teachings and what he tried to teach and bring love and peace and unity within all of us. The power of Peace. If people don’t look like you, think or talk like you people are quick to walk away and that’s not what Jesus wants. He wants us to love everyone, because that’s their journey, that’s their path. Until then all you can do is pray for them”

Describe Jesus in one word.

Hanna: “Savior”

If there was one character in the Bible that you could relate to, who would it be and why?

Hanna: “Probably the Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary to me is a loving, understanding and a non-judgmental angel of others. I know that she loves all people and this is why she comes in visions more and more to people, to show them this is real, this is the truth. She does it in such a loving way, where she doesn’t have to do much, but just appear to them without saying a word and peace comes around people. I find that people that come around me, sit down with me and talk with me, I have somewhat that gift of healing or a comfort level, like they can trust someone and feel like they can turn to me and I’m not going to judge them, I’m just going to listen to them”.

What is your favorite verse in the Bible and why?

Hanna: “I don’t even have a favorite verse. There’s so many. The Bible is what I believe in and what I try to live by in all of it”

Just so many of you know, after all this transpired, Hanna has forgiven her ex-husband, which took her a years. He ex husband is no longer in the states, but if you want to hear more, you have to get the book. Remember with time comes forgiveness…you do it for yourself and are giving it to God.

You can find more on Hanna here:

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***As Hanna has said “Silence hides Violence”. We need to speak up and you can be a “Voice of Change” like Hanna.

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