Apostle Micheal E. Thomas

Apostle Michael E. Thomas is a Teacher, Life Coach, Public Speaker & Entrepreneur that is on a Mission to continue a legacy to spread the love and peace of God to all that is willing to Partake in and become a part of. A prophetic word has been passed down to Apostle Thomas and he now travels and has conferences all over helping people see Jesus for who He really is.


Apostle Michael E. Thomas Jr., is originally from New Millennium Faith Church. He came through the lineage of His great uncle Bishop James A. Thomas, who had many supernatural powers, one being the power of healing people. His great uncle, he originally knew NOTHING about. He was told about him at a meeting in 2012 at a leadership meeting in Morocco, Indiana. It was a meeting that Thomas had called the regional to attend, in which many leaders had showed up too. One of the Elders (Elder David Goldsmith) that attended the meeting, got out of the car, looked at him and said “Your a Thomas”. August 13th, 2012 was the day of this meeting. This Elder began telling Thomas about his great uncle Bishop James A. Thomas Sr. He moved from Florida from Illinois on $50.00….yes just $50.00 to build his church. Michael then called his aunt to verify the story, which came back to be absolutely true about his great uncle. The name of his church was Family Prayer Band Church that still sits in Chicago.

Now in 2007 at First Assembly Church in Rockford, Illinois, Holy Father arrested Michael. He was attending Sunday service and there was an Alter call. When Michael was called he didn’t want to go down there. He wasn’t ready. He was into sports, living his life and just plain wasn’t ready. He knew about knew about Christianity, but just didn’t want to fully get involved with what came with it. “I’m not with the hocus-pokus, not speaking in tongues, none of that” was some of his thoughts on it at that time. It was at the service which was about 2,500-3,000 people at that time. The Elder with his wife at his side grabbed the mike and began to pray of Michael, then looked at Michael and revealed to him before the members in that sanctuary, “I hear the Lord calling you to Minister”. It was at that moment Michael was convinced having remember his grandmother declare to him, “Michael, God is going to use you mightily. Watch and see. The second time he heard such words was when he was engaged and his then fiancée said to him, “I am going to marry a minister”. It was then in that very moment, Michael said “I will submit to Gods will”. In December of 2007, he went to Nepal because he had to get away to think on everything. The leaders at that church wanted Michael to do so much from taking Masters Classes, to taking all this material. He told the Elders at that time, that the Father (God) called him to do something else, but not all that other stuff. Then 4 C I T Ministries International (For Christ I Teach) the name of his ministry came to Michael after traveling to Nepal.

When he arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal, his tour guide took him to one of the mountain peaks 20 Km north of the city, and at that moment the Father raptured him and showed Michael everywhere He was going to take him within the Kingdom. Michael had no church, no ministry and questioned “Well do I stay here in Nepal? What is my next steps Lord?” Michael then returned to Illinois after a week in Nepal, went back to his home and stayed in his home literally for 14 1/2 months!!! Remind you of someone in the Bible? PAUL! When Paul went away to the desert for a long time and was renewed by Christ in the process.  Michael too, had a getaway…. this was a getaway in His word. He began to really read the Bible. “I never ate the word, and it is TRULY bitter, but taste sweet”. It was a birthing that Michael went through in when he came out of it, he got the name of the Church that he was to establish. He would only preach on Christ Jesus and prepare the saints for the Millennial of his return. This is how he came up with New Millennium Faith Church, which was on April Fools ironically. Then he began sending him ministers to fellowship through social media. At that time, it was through Yahoo IM. He then left the Assemblies church and went to another church called Central Christian Rockford Church (Before his calling he was the first minority police officer at for the Village of Roscoe, Illinois and returned and was at Central Christian Church-Beloit, Wisconsin). At CCC Rockford they wanted him to take many classes and Michael was trying to get them to understand that he was to learn with the leaders. Then God began a miraculous thing and began to put him with other LEADERS outside of the churches. Then he also got in touch with Dr. Miles Monroe which blew him away. He helped mentor Him. Then Charlie McCuen another mentor that helped at Rod Parsley’s church in Cincinnati with Benny Hinns church. He contacted him after watching some of Michael’s videos. The things God can do, huh? Now back to 2012 when the Elder Goldsmith said “You a Thomas?” arriving at the meeting, in which he recognized old wisdom. The church eventually got passed on to Michael. Elder Goldsmith then started telling him about his lineage. The elders told him “Your grandfather used to play piano with Bishop Thomas”. They began to speak of generational blessings and the mantel had fell upon Michael E. Thomas Jr. Every Elder that was at the meeting were Apostles. They told him about all these signs, wonders and miracles that were happening at his church. He then began to learn more on his family lineage.


On April 1, 2009 while heading to work he sees a Caucasian woman on the side of the road, short cropped hair with a baseball cap. Michael then gets a word from the Lord telling him “Pick her up”. Michael at that time was thinking “No Lord, I don’t know this woman”. Michaels fiancée at that time, was like “ARE YOU CRAZY?” But Michael followed the words of God and did so. The woman then gets in the backseat and on the drive north she begins quizzing him on Revelations (earlier in February God ordered Michael to study and minister to Himself revelation). And on the side of his eyes, he was looking at his fiancé like “What is up with this lady?” So when they get to the state line, there was a Holiday Inn there (Rte 75 and 251) and the lady then tells Michael “You can just drop me off here”. So they pull into the hotel parking lot. Michael told her that in the next couple of hours they’ll be done with work and that if she needed a ride to where she was going, they can take her. She then thanks him and says God bless you guys. Now Michael then goes to the back of his trunk and there was this suitcase. Mind you, when he first picked her up, she only got in the car. She handed them something as well, in which Michael and his fiancé didn’t look at it just yet. Michael then says “So we give her the suitcase and she walks into the Hotel”. When Michael was on his way to work, his fiancée and him looked at what was handed to them, and it was a $200 check, with her name signed (Michael and his fiancée before meeting with this woman had a prayer request for a bill that needed to be paid in that exact amount). So then his fiancée calls the bank to make sure it wasn’t a bogus check or anything. She calls the bank and the lady says this woman has more than enough money. So then after work, they return to that same hotel and went to the lobby to ask the worker if they had seen a lady they dropped off. The worker at the hotel explained to them, “I remember seeing you two because you both went to the back of your trunk and were holding hands, but didn’t see anyone else. I kept looking and saying what are they doing behind the car”. She even allowed them to see the video footage of the door opening and NO ONE walking through!!

When you hear the word religion, what comes to mind?

Apostle Thomas: “Religion is mans bent interpretation of the movement of he Kingdom. Religion is bondage, has destroyed lives and enslaved folks”

Why do you think the youth lose faith and don’t know God?

Apostle Thomas: “Because they’re not being served”

What are other avenues that you think would benefit the youth?

Apostle Thomas: “I think one avenue would be to give our youth a platform to express themselves amongst each other and you will see a true movement take off. Many want a voice and to know they have the freedom to express themselves. Another avenue that goes with the previous one would be to incorporate them in ministry activities. If we can empower our youth to dream, make goals and encourage them we will see a generation locked in to a purpose and become producers to transition from ours into theirs seamlessly”.

If you could have one power that Jesus had what would it be and why?

Apostle Thomas: “The “power” of unconditional Agape love because you see how transformative love is when all filters and people’s walls are down. Love is a bridge. Love is a connector. Love is the most effective way to communicate. Love expressed erases countless moments in time of pain. Unconditional agape love is the connection and peace to life. Yes, I meant to say peace. This type of love is a key factor he used to influence people”.

Describe Jesus in one word?

Apostle Thomas: “WOW”

If there was one character in the bible that you could relate to, who would it be and why?

Apostle Thomas: “Paul most assuredly because my life I feel parallels his. I persecuted what I knew about Christians although I had friends who were Christians who would take my brother and me to church from time to time and we were always the few in meetings. I thought the songs were corny, I thought the way many at that time dressed were corny. It appeared to me a jolly strict life per-say. My brother and I grew up with strict parents but being in white – suburbia, Christians just lived differently and I didn’t truly want to be associated with them. In my mind, Christians were those goofy Jesus people always saying Hallelujah and some spoke weird when we would visit churches. Especially when it came to sports or anything competitive I did all I could do to intimidate many”.

“At the same time He had me in His plans. Even sent to me many people who would ripple in my life and speak over my life like my paternal grandmother who told me God would use me mightily. Like Paul at his encounter on the Damascus Road, after my 3rd encounter at First Assembly It was Father God who spoke to me and began to teach me and show me the things about His kingdom and then hearing Him and being commissioned for this work in Southern Illinois when I saw His glory for the first time, going to Nepal and being raptured up and given the vision (blueprint) for my ministry assignment and being kingdom taught by Him, Yeshuah and Holy Spirit for those months I stayed in my home. I can relate to Paul because in the beginning he gave me a taste of His power. Yeshuah began to release gifts to me I didn’t understand but like He turned them on as a light switch when I would be with fellow workers and friends. Something about me was different. I didn’t fit in with other ministers and when I would tell them in the beginning of this walk I was not believable. Paul was chosen to expand the kingdom to a gentile nation. Like him I have been commissioned to expand the kingdom to a nation of leadership and people groups in rural areas. Paul sold out after His conversion. Like him I sold out and Yeshuah is enough and My Abba Father is my headship, Father, Judge and King.”

What is your favorite verse in the bible and why?

Apostle Thomas: “hmm… this is a good question that you will have to ask me in different seasons but for this season I will have to say… Hebrews 1:14 Are they not ministering spirits sent to render service to the heirs of salvation. Yep that is it! Why because part of our birth rite in the kingdom is to see the kingdom and that means His messengers who have been there from the beginning and to know that they are sent to us who are heirs to render service means they cannot be completed without us here. They speak, have form and play significant role as spirits included in the presence of His kingdom. The hold court up there. They are heavens witnesses to every affect here on earth. They speak to me and share the mind or instructions of God and Yeshuah and they have profound insight to life up there and are very interested in life down here. I never minimize Yeshuah or my heavenly Father or the power of Holy Spirit but you have to see this for yourself when Paul wrote to Ephesus Chapter 3: 8-11 but look at verse 10 Wow Blew me a way to study who are those rulers and authorities in heavenly places”.