Hello,Tucson Photographer

My name is Kenya and I’m NOT perfect but I try to set good examples the best way I can. I believe in Jesus Christ and want to introduce Him to people who may not know Him. I am in no way a minister, or pastor, but an evangelist doing my work for a perfect God in an imperfect world. I’m using my voice in the way God wants me to as His instrument, His vessel. It’s about RELATIONSHIP to me, not religion. But I can’t judge others on how they view God. Religion is rules and cause division and wars, in my opinion. I just want peace and happiness for all that are in this world, no matter what background they have. I want all people to come together that have God and help me make a difference in the lives of people who DON’T know God. I’m not here to judge on appearance, race or even sexual preference, but I’m here to just LOVE and show people who Jesus is. All of us have to answer to God by ourselves so I’m not one to judge. I just want people to voice their opinions and also share to the world what God has done for them. Various topics such as angels, demons, life after death, tithing, pastors, relationships ect…will be discussed in my magazine as well as one on one interviews with celebs and community people/activist who share the love of God. I ask very simple, yet POWERFUL questions, in which I get different answers from all people from the same questions! Which also gives me, and hopefully you too, different perspectives on God and how he works through others. I hope you enjoy my magazine…’s you that can make a change, with one voice and that’s the voice GOD has given you. It’s VOC magazine and we’re “Voices of Change.


Kenya Perkins