Attorney Jabari Jones “Restored”

Jabari Jones

By: Kenya Perkins

“If Jesus was a attorney not only would he be a criminal defender attorney but he would also probably be a public defender, taking on the cases that nobody wants the people that are the mean thugs that people think shouldn’t be in our society, those are people that he would defend because he’s suppose to love the sinner, hate the sin” –Jabari Jones

Jabari A. Jones is an attorney in the Greater Atlanta Area. In the past he worked at Keith Adams & Associates assisting attorneys in trial preparation for criminal defense cases. This is only a small portion of it. Mr. Jones also has helped as intern in Neighborhood legal services programs and was a student attorney in juvenile and special education where he Represented clients in school disciplinary hearings and special education matters. He also has interfaced with clients’ juvenile court attorneys to ensure continuity of representation and negotiated with opposing counsel. This man has done it all and is still working for his community.

The brilliant thing is what led this man to doing what he does. Growing up, Jabari too was in and out of the system, getting kicked out of school and at one time, being horribly represented in court when he was an adolescent. He then decided to get his life straight, graduate from college and become a defense attorney himself. A complete 180 from the Jabari now, he stayed in faith in order to end up on the other side of the game and make a difference in the lives of others that need his help. These are the people who are living proof and make it possible to change our lives. These are the individuals who VOC MAG looks out for, in order to be inspirations to other youth who think they don’t have time to change. He’s living proof. I was honored to have scored an interview with him after viewing the show SNAPPED on Oxygen (which you can view on link below). The story had me baffled with all the evidence pointing against this lady he was defending. I wondered to myself, how in the WORLD a person can defend any women, who to me had all the odds against her? What would God do in this situation? Do any defenders of murderers go home at night and doubt what they do? I then got in contact with Jabari and he was very nice and agreed to do the interview.

The first question I had asked him (because it was heavy on my mind) is why did you defend her? He then responded back “May I ask why you think she was guilty?” I told him why and he then explained, that he still in fact thinks she’s innocent. It was when we got more into the reason he got into public defending that had me more intrigued by this young man.

“Well you have to think what would Jesus Do? He walked with the undesirables in the bible, he would hand out with all people, prostitutes, tax collectors ect….where its people that do these things, rob people, do drugs whatever it may be. If Jesus was a attorney not only would he be a criminal defender attorney but he would also probably be a public defender, taking on the cases that nobody wants the people that are the mean thugs that people think shouldn’t be in our society, those are people that he would defend because he’s suppose to love the sinner, hate the sin. To me it’s all about the process and perfecting it, like that rock with those rough edges that need to be smooth. What matters is that the process is fair.”

How life was for you growing up what made you want to become a criminal defense attorney?

“Between the ages of 18 and 20 had a few defense charges, bad attorney and he didn’t do right by me and I figured he could do a better job, so I went for it. So I had a passion for it knowing other friends too that had charges against them”.

How has God had a role in what you’re doing today? How has God played a role in what you’re doing?


Jabari was born in Inglewood, CA. He has two sisters and his father passed when he was two years old. In first grade he moved to Stone Mount, GA which is right outside of Atlanta. He had a great childhood growing up in the suburbs. His mother was a teacher, so education was important to his family. As for the church, he attended fairly regular until about the age of 16. In high school everything was pretty normal and then Jabari started selling weed his junior/senior year. He then went to college because he thought that’s what he was supposed to do, once again being that his mother was an educator, he went. He attended the University GA and tried to do the same stuff there that he was doing in Stone Mountain but it didn’t work. It was scrutiny there and the consequences were there where he attended…the marijuana game got bigger and bigger and Jabari’s name kept coming up and people were getting caught with weed and ecstasy pills too.


Jabari got caught his 3rd year as well as his freshman year in college, when he was put on probation. But in his third year making a drop off of marijuana, he got busted and fit description of a car jacker (which was wrong)…so he had roommate bail him out. The next day, Jabari said in order to make up for his loss being greedy he goes to make another drop off and the officer gets behind him, being the same officer that pulled him over the night before. So he knew this couldn’t be real. He was then bonded out again while he was in jail for days they had search warrant and found stolen items in his apartment and other drugs there and a gun that wasn’t his….an environment that Jabari says you wouldn’t want to be in unless you were a part of the element. It was things he wouldn’t recommend for young kids to do.

The whole time he believed in a higher power and that he would get him out. So he began praying more diligent. He always believed he would be alright and you never know how the creator will come to you. It’s about keeping your eyes open.


When you hear the word religion what comes to your mind?

“I’m not into religion. I’m a follower of light. I serve the light, which is God. If I go to church I go to get lifted. I can never speak against religion. I just don’t like it when it’s misused, when people have false preaching”.

Why do you think that they youth lose faith and don’t know God?

“I think because a lot of them aren’t exposed to the power of the almighty. So when they see great big churches with the stained windows and the church is really fancy, and they don’t see people in the churches from the neighborhood that’s the type of stuff that makes the youth possibly think God is not real. “How could God be real if I have to go to this fancy building to speak to him? Why won’t he come to me where I’m at?” Part of it is act of other religious institutions and lack of presence in the communities that makes people believe that religion is basically a bunch of baloney. “If I don’t see you or see the God in you, how can I believe what you’re telling me.” If there is a lack of fellowship, lack of religion in the home and not in the community then where is the child suppose to get it from? So there is a void and poor communication and lack of attempt for the churches to really reach out. These are kids so how are they supposed to know except coming by the information in trial and error and just hope that the mistakes they make aren’t so great that they can’t overcome in time”.

What are other avenues that you think would benefit the youth?

“I think we have to take a practical approach to it, whether chartering a bus and go to this place at this time and do some activities with the youth. And the whole while there is going to be a discussion of Christ and what benefits that you have. Then they can see others that look like them in their communities showing them “This is how I got it, by getting on my knees and praying and listening, and there will be good times in this process. We’re going bowling or swimming…just the offering in the tithes should be distributed for things like this in the communities. Even the parents too can contribute because it can’t all be through the churches. It’s also about HOW we’re going to get to the youth to where they’re recessive to it and including them in the process. “What would you like to do? How can we make this more interesting for you?” Get the youth involved too”.

When Jabari spoke on this he reminded me in Hebrews 10:24-25 when it says “And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” We need to put in that effort for the community with action, so that they can see our fruits. The bible verse in 1 Thessalonians 5:14 also touches on this when it says, “And we urge you, brothers, admonish the idle, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with them all.” With our kids they’re not going to know everything at once. We need to be that example as Jabari mentioned, but it all will take patience in allowing them to grow little by little and planting that seed.

If you could have one power that Jesus had what would it be and why?

“I think we all have the same power that Jesus had; we just don’t believe that we do. If I could pick one I think it would be to turn doubters to believers, if it’s through my actions, through my words or both”.

Describe Jesus in one word?

“Light, because it exposes truth in darkness. Everybody sees the light. Christ says you are accountable what you know and what you do with your light or what you can see because of the light”.

If there was one character in the bible that you could relate to, who would it be and why?

“On a much smaller scale I would say Job….because he had everything taken from him, but he was restored through his faith. I didn’t have everything taken from me, but I was suspended from school, I got fired from a couple of jobs, I got kicked out of my apartment, they wrote up horrible stories about me in the school newspaper, so I kind of lost my reputation and it suffered, then my car broke down around the same time. So I was losing all these things and it felt like I had lost everything, but really I just had to be broken down and I came through and didn’t give up. So I had to take responsibility for everything piece by piece. Once I did that I got on my knees and prayed and implemented what I had learned in life. Whatever God put in front of me I followed. I had a 1.7 in school and then my last two years I almost had a 4.0. Now I have a home and a car and I was restored”.

What is your favorite verse in the bible and why?

“Psalm 82:6—I like this because we all have the same power that Jesus has. Some may say that it’s blasphemous, but it’s in the book. It comes from the creator”.

Jabari has no kids previously, but has a lovely wife. He is one that represents the SINNER well. Sinner in VOCMAG stands for “Saving Individuals Needing New Everlasting Repentance” this is based off of Luke 15:1-7 in the Bible. He has stood the test of time in our book and made a complete change for the better. He repented of his sins and was found by turning it all around. Let him be an inspiration to you and know that you too can make a choice to change.

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