imProviding Biblical Outlets To Issues in a fresh way

Not all youth are drawn to the church, but many are drawn to the gossips of the celebs and latest trends. With the world we live in today, youth are easily influenced and even drawn to evil, worldly trends that impress our upcoming souls and voices of the future.  Youth that are arising in our world can and will be our teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers…but not all. Magazines today for people do not really touch on religion which is the root of many solutions to their problems and issues.

Many of today’s magazines in the local stores ,newsstands and online have some solutions on self esteem, how to cover up and treat that pimple,  and style advice on how to be frugal and still keep up with the latest trends on what’s in at that moment. But what’s missing here? We can easily talk about how to treat and cover up a pimple, but what about that person that still hurts inside after the zit is gone? He or she still can’t figure out why they’re depressed. And when this depression leads to suicide, it’s too late. Magazines today also touch on the suicide, rape and depression rates with statistics to back them up, but they never can find or say the true solution to the problems, which is JESUS. This is what’s missing…GOD.

What will make V.O.C magazine stand out for the youth in the community is our solution of Jesus Christ. It’s not a counselor, doctor, or a book that you can buy at your local bookstore on self-esteem, when you can use the greatest book of all, which is the bible. God doesn’t use our worldly talk on being “IMPERFECT”. What V.O.C  magazine wants to reveal is that with GOD, he will always use the imperfect people to do his will and in the end you’ll be saying “I’M-PERFECT”  not imperfect and you separate one worldly word, into two words, and that’s how GOD wants you to view you.  Use Him as your foundation.